All prices are based on a one day rate which includes pick up items the day before and drop off the day after the event.
All rentals are the responsibility of the Renter (Customer) from the time of delivery or pick up to the time of its return.
Our rental count will be considered correct unless we are notified prior to the event.  A message left on our 24 hour answering service is considered proper notification. Please ensure that the rental items are secured and protected while not in use.  Missing, lost or stolen items will be charged at replacement cost.
A security Deposit is required on all orders in the form of a signed valid credit card imprint (Visa or MasterCard) or a cash deposit (amount determined by management)
Refunds are not issued for rental items returned unused.
All deliveries are to be bagged, boxed and neatly stacked in a secure location close to an entryway for pick up.